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14th December 2013

  • We've finally added the Mentor Guide and Mentor Contact pages to the Wiki! These are resources to be used with the Mentor program as it starts to move forward. Finally, right?

1st January 2014

  • A fresh new VH Townhall has been scheduled for Sunday, January 5th, at 4 PM PST / 7 EST! Please visit the page to add a topic to be discussed, and spread the word! We'll be confirming new staff appointments, looking for further volunteers for select positions, discussing our roadmap for 2014, and showing off a good deal of other things! Hope to see you there!

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Just off the beaten path, hiking through the nearby foothills, you find a trail sitting long-disused and overgrown with shrubbery. Driven by some unspeakable curiosity, you follow the twisting, winding way through a narrow mountain pass. High stone walls press in, and jut towards the clouds on either side of you, but never grow quite so close as to feel restrictive. After what feels like an age of walking, you reach the trail's end, and come out onto a grassy hillside.

And then, you see it. A deep, verdant-green valley, encapsulated by the hills at your back and the mountains in the distance, slopes down before you, a grand hollow holding within it a leafy, mingled forest of coniferous and deciduous trees. Somewhere far further down in the reaches of this hidden hideaway, you swear you see smoke on the horizon. Your eyes, however, are drawn immediately to the tall, multi-story building that sprawls at the foot of the hill-slope before you. Its dusty red brick exterior seems to belie its age - it feels at once ancient and new, modern, yet timeless. Far from being a forbidding hole-in-the-wall, it sports wide, long glass windows along the front, that showcase a startling array of species, and creatures, inside - men and women, fur and beast, and more. Across the broad marquee of the building, a flickering neon sign comes alight with violet hues, as the sun-kissed horizon begins to dim.

It reads "The Lounge" - and it seems to beckon you within, after your long journey and harsh trek.

Vulpine Hollow is a mature online community of people who share common interests in vore (or "vorarephilia"), online chatting and roleplaying, and (for the most part) furry characters. The main room of the chat is known as "The Lounge", and is a timeline-and-era-non-specific tavern, bar and more populated with a great number of comfortable couches and friendly regulars.

This site is intended to be a comprehensive guide to the chat, its activities, its community, and ways to fit in and make friends here. It includes in-depth information such as the Game Guide, the Room Guide to further explain the purpose of each room in the chat, and a collection of external links to community-run resources and projects.

New to the chat? Read the Vulpine Hollow Guide!

Chat Information
Community Portal

Community Projects

  • We are now adding chatnames and - if you are comfortable broadcasting such - hotel information to the Anthrocon Meetup page! Suggestions for how to organize this craziness are welcome on the AC Meetup talk page.
  • The Grand Agenda is now live! This is our one-stop game/event/otherstuff calendar for VH, although it is currently under revision! Suggestions for improvement should go to its talk page!
  • We're probably going to be expanding and working on the Wiki. Or something. That's definitely a thing that could happen.

This month on Vulpine Hollow: December

  • Sunday, January 5th: The latest VH Townhall will be occurring at 4PM PST/7 EST in the Fourth Wall!
  • Wednesday, January 8th: We'll be holding a Games Discussion in the Fourth Wall, where we review works-in-progress and come up with new games!
  • Saturday, January 11th: At 7PM PST, we'll be having a game - possibly test-running one of the games shown off on Wednesday!

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