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Community Portal

Community Projects

  • We are now adding chatnames and - if you are comfortable broadcasting such - hotel information to the Anthrocon Meetup page! Suggestions for how to organize this craziness are welcome on the AC Meetup talk page.
  • The Grand Agenda is now live! This is our one-stop game/event/otherstuff calendar for VH, although it is currently under revision! Suggestions for improvement should go to its talk page!
  • We're probably going to be expanding and working on the Wiki. Or something. That's definitely a thing that could happen.

This month on Vulpine Hollow: December

  • Sunday, January 5th: The latest VH Townhall will be occurring at 4PM PST/7 EST in the Fourth Wall!
  • Wednesday, January 8th: We'll be holding a Games Discussion in the Fourth Wall, where we review works-in-progress and come up with new games!
  • Saturday, January 11th: At 7PM PST, we'll be having a game - possibly test-running one of the games shown off on Wednesday!

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