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Tags are graphical icons that are used as 'status shortcuts' - they immediately broadcast to anyone who looks beside your name, things such as what mood you're in, how attentive you are likely to be to the chat, whether you want to be disturbed at the moment, and more! There are currently plans or thoughts underway about how to expand and refine the current list of tags, but as they currently stand (or will stand, in the near future) - this list covers all of the tags that are available, or will be available in the near-future.

General Tags

General tags are tags that more or less function in every room. Certain ones among them may be enabled or disabled depending on a room's focus, but by and large, they are dependably the same in each of the three Main Rooms.

  • Online: Also known as no-tag, and simply here for completeness' sake, the Online status merely and totally means you are logged in, present, and visible. It has a blank icon.
  • Away: The 'Away' tag is meant to indicate that you are temporarily away from the chat, for some reason, but believe you will return in a short enough timespan to continue interacting. It is a coffee cup.
  • Do Not Disturb: Called 'DND' by those short on time and the letter 'o', this tag means that you do not want to be whispered or approached publically under any circumstances. Even if you are friends with a person, you should use caution when choosing to disregard this tag - people generally have a good reason for putting it up. Its icon is a stylized red Stop sign.
  • Looking for RP: Known better by the ubiquitous moniker 'LFRP', this tag indicates specifically that you are interested in being contacted privately about potential roleplay opportunities, but do not wish to be approached in public without some discussion in private. It is simply displayed as the letters 'LFRP'.
  • RP as Prey: This tag should be viewed as an extension of 'LFRP' that specifies a person is interested specifically in a roleplay where they will fulfill the preyish role, and sag out some spherical section of somebody~ In addition, however, it may mean this person is open to public approach or potentially grab-and-gulps - refer further to their sliders for clarification in this regard. Its icon is the small, tasty word 'prey'.
  • RP as Predator: This is the flip-side of the 'Prey' tag - the 'I'm hungry, damnit, get inside of me tag. Someone with this tag up is interested in a roleplay where they will stand in the predator's shoes, and devour delicious delicacies, generally ones with faces. Like the 'Prey' tag, it may imply the person is open to either private or public approach, check sliders for clarification. Its icon is the looming word 'Pred.'
  • Open for Approach in RP: Known by 'Open' to its friends, and 'what the hell does that even mean, man?' to its foes, this status implies that you are either not yet roleplaying with a partner, and would seriously like to just be approached in public or private out of the blue by someone who can fix that, or that you are engaged in an ongoing roleplay but wish others to feel free to join in - whether by contacting you first, or simply jumping into things. The difference between this and LFRP is that it is presumed that you don't want to discuss a potential scene beforehand, if you are using 'Open' - you just want someone to throw interaction at you, and you'll roll with it. This tag is symbolized by a neon-reminiscent 'open' sign - not unlike the one on a diner, in fact...
  • Not Looking for RP: This (currently-planned) tag - likely to be shortened to NLFRP, or simply NLRP - exists specifically so you can tell the world that, whatever your status, whatever their relationship with you, whatever you may have planned - you aren't, at the moment, looking for any roleplay of any stripe, color, or species. Also known as the 'lurker tag', this tag exists so that people in Hollow Valley or other rooms may still interact or watch, but make it clear that they do not want to and would not appreciate any efforts to draw them into roleplay of any sort. It is considered very rude to attempt to push someone with this tag into RP, and even worse to try and guilt it out of them. This tag will likely be symbolized by the letters 'RP' inside of a red 'no circle'. Yes, like the one in Ghostbusters.
  • Out Of Character: Typically shortened to OOC by those not short on "O's" and those who don't have entirely too much time on their hands, this tag simply implies that - publically, and potentially privately - someone is currently out-of-character, and potentially not interested in any form of roleplay at all. It is generally used by those who wish to let friends and strangers know they are 'merely there to chat' or watch the proceedings. It is considered rude to attempt to draw an OOC user into roleplay. This icon is characterized by the simple letters 'OOC'.
  • In Character: The ever-shortened and much-desired 'IC' status implies that a character is either acting in an in-character manner, or is currently engaged in an ongoing roleplay, but may be open to further whispers or communications. It does not preclude out-of-character interactions, but does imply the person's prime focus at the moment is simply to engage in roleplay. Nothing but the letters 'IC' in block font demarcate this status.

Room-Specific Tags

Room-specific tags are tags that only appear in a specific room, or set of rooms. They often have special meanings that would not be valid outside of the context of these rooms.

  • Ask to Join RP: Prototypically shortlisted as 'Ask', this tag is a special tag meant to be used in one of the three Clearings. If one (or more) players engaged in an ongoing roleplay in a Clearing have this tag up, it means you should ask them (or the 'showrunner', or both) before joining in on the scene, whether to coordinate your entrance, or to quickly plot out what you want your involvement to be. This tag does mean that you are interested in having other people contact you about such opportunities, Its icon will likely simply be the word 'ASK' in a pleasing green font.
  • Gamemaster: The infamous 'GM' tag is used in any of the three Game Rooms to indicate which user(s) are currently 'running' whatever game is going in that room, and by extension, whose ultimate authority game decisions fall under. It is, more or less, a quick-reference 'who to ask for help', 'who to ask about joining', and 'who to turn to for information' button, but in a greater sense, indicates that the user has accepted the responsibility of showing everyone else participating in the game, a fun, well-run time, and is willing to be held accountable for such. This does mean, however, that users not playing in the game should carefully consider whether it is a good idea to contact anyone with this tag - they are likely to have a great many supplementary responsibilities riding on them when it is up, and may be very busy with their game responsibilities. The icon for this status is a spiffy blue shield.
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