Most Important Page

My characters, preferences and general goals lean HEAVILY towards things that might be described as 'torture porn'.

Please bear this in mind when interacting.

Welcome to my Preferences page!

If you are interested in roleplaying with me you _MUST_ read the following information thoroughly, it's been written mostly for your own benefit.

My characters, preferences and general goals lean HEAVILY towards things that might be described as 'torture porn'. Please bear this in mind when interacting EVEN Out of Character.


If I am making you uncomfortable, or interacting in a way you do not like, or indeed you just don't want to be in a scene with me when I'm in one of my _RARE_ or impromptu moods, TELL ME. Don't suffer through it and then tell me at the end that you weren't really into it. It makes me feel I've just wasted my time - about 90% of the reason I bother roleplaying at all these days is to see a partner enjoy what I write. If you're not having fun, I'm not having fun. SO TELL ME SOONER THAN LATER!

Firstly, and foremost. I am 100% predator. I have to emphasize this because all too few seem to understand what that MEANS.

I will never allow myself to be prey, in any way shape or form.

This does NOT mean I am predator 'exept for a couple very special friends', I will NOT be mind controlled or be eaten 'in a dream'. It will not happen.

I have to say this because too many people make the assumption that THEY get to be a special case or an exception.

IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, and if you attempt to godmode it, or whatever, then I will a: respond with some varient on * I am inedible * and b: If you persist, I * WILL * make a point of pressing each and every single one of YOUR squick buttons. You don't like hard vore? I will rape your eviscerated corpse. You HATE cockvore? Guess which testicle you end up in. You have a choice of left or right, and if you hate transformation, well, you might get to turn into cum or something.

I have in the past permanently muted, blocked and blacklisted people who have failed to grasp this simple concept. Which is a shame because otherwise some of them were perfectly nice people who were gifted roleplayers. But I will NOT tolerate it.

I like almost all aspects of vore. I have male, female and herm characters simply for the sake of enjoying all possible variations on genital vore.

I like multiple 'prey', I adore the idea of several folk having sex in my characters stomachs, womb, or testicles.

I prefer to digest: For me Oral Vore is about reducing prey to nutrients, absorbing and using them in every sense. IF you RP with me, please bear this in mind, since even if we do not go through with the digestion 'scene' it is still implied overall.

I like to 'alternately' digest: This means if you are unbirthed or cock-vored, then you will be absorbed, painlessly, by whatever genitalia you end up in. This is not necessarily then 'end' however, because I also:

I like transformation, to some extent. If, for example, you were to be unbirthed. In a fatal scene, your flesh would be absorbed, and clean bones squeezed out later. In a TF scene, your body would still be absorbed, but the essence of your being would be formed into an egg. This would allow you to choose to have your character gain some draconic aspects, or indeed even become a full blooded dragon of the same species as mine. Or be reformed, unchanged. That would be up to you.

Similarly, with cock-vore, you might be turned into cum, or just absorbed. If you become cum however, I am not adverse to placing the stuff, via obvious means, in a handy womb, to let you reform.

Genital vore however is a gentle type for me, and I will usually be willing to let prey free afterwards too.

I like Anal vore as well, although this begins to edge into the nastier side of things. While I can enjoy having someone explore my clean bowels, I much prefer that they find it dirty in there.

Full trip and excreting digested prey is also a big kink, and I will OFTEN at the least hint at such an act, by taking a visit to a beach or going behind some bushes.

I am a little mystified by Soul Vore, but have nothing against it either. Same goes for pawplay and sitting.

FINALLY however. I do love Hard Vore.

I HAVE been, in the past, asked to do my worst to people who LIKE HV. They have then asked me to tone it down, and one even felt ill enough to break off the scene. I DO NOT PLAY NICE with my meat, sorry.

However, if you are REALLY into HV, and have a character tough enough to endure whatever I can dream up, well, I can be quite fun in that regard.

As an extension to this, I ADORE getting my claws and teeth into Macros. If you have ever seen a video of Komodo Dragons taking down and eating something like a Water Buffalo, you will have a fair idea of what I have in mind when I say that.


Minor Dislikes: I generally have a dim view of magic, high technology, and anime characters as well as demons to some extent. If you are a half-breed dragon/anything, you are inferior. Sorry. So-called Japanese Girl Monsters (Nekos, mecha-girls, dog girls etc), are a no thanks. Gods can check in next door too. (NOTE: SOME, and I do mean a very vast minority of such characters are tolerable. UNIQUE characters for example, not just something ripped from a cartoon)

I will not drink urine, or eat shit, with a small exception: Extreme Hard Vore scenes kinda require the rupturing of internal organs, and a splash of piss from a sliced bladder or the stench from ripped intestine is a part of that.

I do not really keep a scorecard, as many preds seem to. However, in an environment like Second Life, I may well adjust the girth of my characters TAIL, as this represents a store of fat. However I do not keep names and numbers. If you want to comment on your own profile that you were eaten twice and unbirthed three times by Sideromelane, then go ahead however.

I do not want to hear from you if YOU are under age, and neither if your CHARACTER is underage.

I do not CARE why you play that kind of character, it disgusts me personally, and I will simply refuse to interact with you if I become aware of it. This includes permanently muting you.

I am in a relationship 'In Real Life' which means I am more reluctant these days to become involved in purely sex-based roleplay. It bothers me.

If there is a vore based scene going on with me, sexual play may or may not happen depending on how comfortable I am with it at the time. It should however, NOT be taken for granted that vore = sex.

Furthermore, in accordance with being 100% predator, I will tend to take a dominant role in sex content. This is not hard and fast set however. But you SHOULD be aware that if I AM playing a less dominant role, then it is part of a grander plan to eat you later.