My characters, preferences and general goals lean HEAVILY towards things that might be described as 'torture porn'.

Please bear this in mind when interacting.

This beast stands, scales glittering in the morning's soft light, at ease and comfortable with the world. His parted jaws reveal the deadly fangs and soft, warm cushiony interior of his massive maw. He sees you, one eye rolling in it's socket to glare at you with malice glittering in it's blue depths.

It is morning, time to find breakfast...

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Personality And Appearance

He is large, intelligent, and cunning. While he has difficulty with languages, he can just get by. His voice, to our ears, has a musical quality, with a strong Scottish Highland accent. WHY this should be is unknown, it is simply a facet he has acquired somewhere between this life and the last. Although not really completely sane when separated from his sister, he nevertheless manages to exude an air of casual arrogance and dominance only partly bolstered by his massive size and unexpectedly powerful muscles.

His scales shift and change in an unending fractal swirl that confuses the eye and dizzies the senses. Every depiction of him shows him in slightly different patterning as a result.


He is large by his species standards, almost double the average, as is his sibling, Sideromelane.

That began, as all their kind does, in the creche in which they hatched.

Obsidian hatched first, blinking in the darkness and surrounded by the rattling, clicking, sloshing noises of his many brothers and sisters fighting to be free of their shells. And, as he was genetically programmed to do, he lunged at the first he saw, pinning and devouring his siblings, one by one. On the opposite side of the creche, the hatchling destined to be named Sideromelane popped her shell and similarly pounced on the nearest newborn.

Between them they devoured the entire clutch, and were left, too stuffed and sleepy to move, glaring in stupid, instinctive hunger at one another.

By the time they had digested the contents of their horribly swollen guts, the lower, mid-chest parts of their brains had awoken, and the desire to devour one another had vanished.

This was of course, an unusual birth. It was rare to see so large a clutch, and none, even the greyest of elders in the clan to which they were born, had heard of two surviving the hatching.

But they had, and stepped out of the rock, and into the light, together. Genetically they were identical, only the slight variation in ambient temperatures at opposite ends of the large creche had influenced their developing sexes, rendering one male, one female.


Years passed as they grew, and for most of their adolescence they were no larger than any of the other hatchlings of that year. Until they learned to hunt. They vanished together into the jungles, returning days, weeks later with full bellies. Often they brought back living prey, juvenile plainsbeasts which they would regurgitate for the elders, or for new hatchilings learning to hunt to toy with.

And sometimes they took other yearlings with them. Their own size and weight, to start with. And that is when the differences, the changes, began. The guest would accompany them, with high spirits and singing of adventure, to vanish into the dense jungle, and never return. Obsidian and his sister always did though. Sometimes with a tale of accident, or marauding adult plainsbeast... But the pattern continued, until they were whispered about, glared at and called the 'Bad Luck Pair'. And they grew. After only several years each was larger by far than any in their age-group, and densely packed with muscle, tails swollen with fat.

It was not until one of the great elders flew after them, on the latest trip, that the truth became known. She watched, in horror, as the two, almost within view of the 'village', turned on and slaughtered the smaller male they had accompanying them. She fought back her rage, and fear, as they fed, and returned to the village.

The siblings returned a few weeks later, tale ready of a vast rock pillar on the plains toppling on them, and how they had escaped but poor... whatever his name was, crushed to death beneath.

They found the village abandoned. Nothing of value had been left behind, but the creche caves had been sealed with boulders and mud, the great firepit buried, and no trace of the clan remained. They had left, fleeing the double menace of the cannibalistic pair with legitimate fear. Some of the elders were bigger than them, but frail with age. And no other had wished to confront them.

And so, abandoned by the extended family they had betrayed, they set off into the wilds, appearing only now and then to snatch some lone hunter, or being glimpsed like red and blue shadows in the gloom.


When and where they died, where the great bones lie scattered, is not known. Just that, for a while, only a single shadow was glimpsed, only a single, female form, darting from the treeline to snatch some helpless yearling.

Obsidian fell first, breaking his sisters hearts, and and it was only a matter of weeks before even the reports of her ceased to surface.

Of course, nowadays, such past sorrows are forgotten. They are reunited in this paradise, whatever form it currently takes.

Physical Approximations:

- Exact scale varies on stance and player mood or requirments for scenes.


Foreshoulder to Ground: 15 Feet minimum, up to 30'


Snout to Tail: 30 Feet minimum, may be over 100'


Tip to Tip: 65 Feet minimum, can be well over 250'


Approx: 25 - 30 tons minimum.